Rainforest Primer

An exhaustive syllabus listing on the ABC's of the elemental make-up of a Rainforest.

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Agroforestry & Ethnobotany

The more useful and common plants that are found in the swidden-fallow agroforestry systems of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo region of Peru.

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Species Data Sheets

One of the world’s richest variety of Plants Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians.

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Our achievements

We are an all-volunteer non-prpofit dedicated to preserving the world's tropical forest
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Saving "The Tree of Life" Aguaje palms which provide income and an important source of food. By funding Climber Harnesses, communities are able to harvest the fruit of the Aguaje palms without having to destroy them.

July 2017

Red Fox Pup
Can rainforest foxes fly?
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January 2015

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News Bulletin

Deforestation By Definition

The Peruvian government fails to define forests as forests, while palm oil expansion and the Malaysian influence threaten the Amazon



Deforestación Por Definición

El gobierno Peruano no define bosques como bosques, mientras que la expansión de la palma aceitera y la influencia de Malasia amenazan la Amazonía


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