Family: Apocynaceae

Latin name: Parahancornia peruviana

Vernacular name: Naranjo podrido

The delicious fruits smell slightly of orange, but are sweet inside and have a brown sugar taste. This fruit was once popular in Iquitos, but is now rare in markets, and few urban people even know what it is. Hunters are most familiar with it, and will snack on the large fruits. The fruits attract animals, especially large primates, so hunters will frequently visit the trees. The white latex used in ways similar to Couma macrocarpa, but is considered weaker.

RCF has been planting this species as part of its environmental education program because the tree is less common, important for animals, and young people are unfamiliar with it. It can grow to be huge in size, and prefers moist soils.

These fruits were once popular in Iquitos markets.

These fruits were once popular in Iquitos markets.