Family: Sapotaceae

Latin name: Pouteria caimito

Vernacular name: Caimito

The popular fruit is eaten raw, and the trunk provides heavy, excellent wood for fuel and crafts. The latex of the fruit is occasionally used to treat wounds. The ripe fruit often contains insect larvae. To prevent this in future harvests, the fruits are sometimes buried in the soil, and near saplings or newly planted seeds. The seeds may also be submerged in water before planting to prevent this. As with most fruit trees, it is believed that pruning should be done during a full moon.

This tree does well in most soils, but rarely tolerates flooding. Pruning is common, and will shorten height and improve early yields. It has a medium-size, but thick canopy, and should be spaced at least five meters from other tree crops. It matures in three to five years, and can produce for over 20 years.