BULLETIN: Flood Relief for Victims of Record Flooding in the Peruvian Amazon!

Record flooding is occurring now in the Peruvian Amazon due to climate change, record glacial melt in the Andes, and unusually heavy rains.  This deluge of water has hit hard in the Tahuayo River Basin that is part of the 1 million acre Tamshiyacu- Tahuayo Community Reserve (ACRCTT). Floodplain villagers who protect the main entrance point to the reserve have abandoned their communities and moved into upland environments to escape the water. The children suffer the most. Severe diarrhea and sickness (including influenza, pneumonia, malaria and typhoid fever) have hit them hard as they live in make-shift shelters just above the ever-encroaching water, which shows no signs of receding. Snakebite and insect attacks abound in this situation.

We ask for your help with this emergency so that villagers can receive medicine and food now, and eventually recover, return and restore their decimated homes.  These people have been rainforest protectors; for them to leave the area or be hurt too much from this disaster will endanger the reserve and its incredible biodiversity. Right now, RCF is sending medics and supplies out to attend to the people over a vast area, but our funds are running out, and we need your help. Please help us with your donations and join RCF in this effort!

Flooded health post and houses in Tahuayo village.


Abandoned home.

Tahuayo River community.


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